Dear visitors to Český Krumlov,

We're pleased to welcome you to the town where we've decided to spend our lives. Our families and friends are here, we work here, we raise our children here, and we spend our free time here. We are the town's hoteliers, restaurateurs, innkeepers, retailers, transporters, guides, gallery owners and many others. We are the ones who make sure that you're satisfied, and our goal is to create the best possible service for you as visitors to our (and hopefully "your"!) town.

The publication we've prepared for you contains recommendations on where to eat, where to stay, and amazing things to see, do, and experience. The entire guide is free to download, but you can also view it online. At the end, you'll also find bonuses that you can show, together with this publication, to get a better deal at certain establishments.

We wish you a pleasant time in one of the most beautiful towns in the world! ;)

Český Krumlov Tourism Association